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Sarah VealeMy name is Sarah Veale and I’m a  Religious Studies/Classical Studies double major in the honours program at York University in Toronto, Canada. Here you’ll find posts related to my research, as well as the general field of Western Esotericism. Academically, I am interested in religious practices of the ancient world. Think magic, theurgy, and mystery cult and you’re in the right neighbourhood.


Around since 2010,  Invocatio is read by academics, students of religion and occultists everywhere. Outside of the blog, I am the co-director of the Network for the Study of Esotericism in Antiquity, an ESSWE thematic network which connects scholars of ancient esotericism. Originally from Chicago, I’m a former journalist and currently reside in Toronto, Canada.

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Invocatio is Latin for invocation. Invocation is a technique whereby the magical practitioner attempts to identify with various spiritual entities. The term is also used to refer to magical petitioning of gods, angels, demons or other figures.

The imagery is from a German stamp issued in 1979. It depicts a famous scene in magical folklore—the conjuration of the homunculus with the aid of the devil by Dr. Faust.


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