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Iamblichus, Orientalism and Peer Review

The latest issue of the Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies was released this week. Quick scale-up: The Pomegranate is a peer-review academic journal, and features articles by scholars who study paganism and esotericism. It is one of the … Continue reading

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The Linguistic Origins of Sacred Space

In the Roman Empire, sacred space was not limited to physical structures—the gods were everywhere, and nearly all facets of life were imbued with the sacred. There were however, some spaces which were more sacred than others. These spaces were … Continue reading

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Per Faxneld’s Satanic Feminism: A New Approach to the Dissertation?

Some of you may be familiar with scholar Per Faxneld. For those of you who don’t know his work, Faxneld researches the subject of Satanism, specifically the archetype of the female within Satanic currents. For example, his contribution to The … Continue reading

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ASE Wrap-Up: Aristocratic Vampires

While I’m not going to do a full report on the ASE Conference (other than to say it was a lot of fun and really awesome!), I do want to address a question that came up during my presentation, and … Continue reading

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Five Tools For Advanced Greek

My ancient Greek courses this year were a big change from the previous two years (See here and here). This year, we left the beginner books behind and moved into translating the primary texts. I should stress here that these … Continue reading

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Promoting Classical Languages at York University

Last December I received an email from the Classical Studies department chair, Anne-Marie Lewis, asking if I’d be interested in doing a video to promote the department’s language program. York University, like many other schools, has been very proactive in … Continue reading

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Association for the Study of Esotericism Conference Schedule

The Association for the Study of Esotericism has posted the schedule for its conference taking place June 19th-22nd at Colgate University. The line-up suggests the conference will be filled with interesting lectures, not the least of which will be the … Continue reading

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