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Ravenous Cannibals & Sexual Deviants: Slander as a Tool of “In-Group” Occult Identification

“How is it possible that all the Jews should get together to these sacrifices, and the entrails of one man should be sufficient for so many thousands to taste of them, as Apion pretends?” ~ Flavius Josephus, Against Apion My … Continue reading

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Or Perhaps a Sitar?

I went to the museum the other day and came across this statue of a bodhisattva. Obviously, I instantly thought: Internet Meme! Enjoy!

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Salvation is Like a Banana Republic Sweater

Photo by Liralen Li Discussing Protestant and Roman Catholic views of salvation leads one (or at least me) to the inevitable question: If Jesus died for our sins, what does it matter if there’s a Pope as intermediary or not? … Continue reading

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