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Inside a Masonic Temple

Every year, the city of Toronto holds the Doors Open festival—a chance for residents to venture into buildings they normally wouldn’t set foot in. The buildings that participate in the festival usually have a unique historical, architectural, or cultural significance … Continue reading

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The Chosen Festival

The Toronto Jewish Film Festival has some impressive marketing for their week-long celebration of Jewish film. Not only did word spread when the TTC rejected their racy ad depicting Moses exiting a limousine in flagrante (thus earning them much coveted … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Secret Gospel of Mark Conference

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Secret Gospel of Mark conference at York University. To give some background: the Secret Gospel of Mark was found by a professor named Morton Smith, who chanced upon it in a Middle … Continue reading

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Update: School’s Out!

Exams? Done. Grades? Finalized. In other words, school is done for the semester. So what is a religious studies student to do over the Summer? Why, more school, of course! God forbid we let the brain get mushy! The chances … Continue reading

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