Mysteria Misc. Maxima: September 13th, 2013

Mysteria Misc. Maxima is a weekly feature which brings together links on religion and esotericism from around the internet.

Photo by Victor Bonomi.

About Sarah Veale

Sarah Veale is a former journalist and current MA student of Greco-Roman religion at the University of Toronto. Her first peer-review article, "Orientalism in Iamblichus' The Mysteries," was recently published in The Pomegranate:The International Journal of Pagan Studies.
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5 Responses to Mysteria Misc. Maxima: September 13th, 2013

  1. I especially liked the links on the e-Scapegoat app (lol), the Priestess in the G.’.M.’. and the article on the Qlipphoth. Thanks.

  2. The bit on ‘Orthodox Thelema’ is the standard bit from OTO who seem to be unaware that just the phrase orthodox Thelema is an oxymoron when the essence of it is to find your own individual, unique practice. The reasoning on why Thelema IS a religion is also very weak and discounts the facts, pointed out to me in a conversation with Ron Hutton on this very subject, that Thelema has no standard central practice, believes in no gods and, apart from OTO’s efforts to the contrary, has no central authority that dictates dogma.
    Just more of the OTO’s latest efforts to claim some sort of bogus ownership over the Law in order to keep their coffers full.
    Thanks for the inclusion in the list too Sarah!

  3. K. Herschel says:

    I am way behind the curve here, but thanks for linking to my article on the Qliphoth. I am planning to share a bit more on the subject in the near future.

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