Association for the Study of Esotericism Conference Schedule

The Association for the Study of Esotericism has posted the schedule for its conference taking place June 19th-22nd at Colgate University. The line-up suggests the conference will be filled with interesting lectures, not the least of which will be the plenary address by classical scholar Sarah Iles Johnston.

Sarah Iles Johnston has done extensive research on religion, divination, and the afterlife in the ancient world. Not content to stop there though, some of her recent work looks at Neopagan movements which worship the old gods and how these traditions are reconstructed from scholarly sources. In my opinion—and of course I am biased!—Johnston is a great score by the conference organizers. Her work appeals both to those interested in esoteric phenomenon in antiquity as well as those who examine the reception of ideas by modern religious movements.

Other notables include a second plenary by Jean-Pierre Brach, who has done a ton of work on the esoteric theory of numbers; Richard Kaczynski, who will speak about how esoteric groups construct their histories; and Wouter Hanegraaff, who needs no introduction for readers of this blog.

And I will be speaking on Sunday morning, so prepare yourselves accordingly.

The preliminary conference schedule can be found at the ASE website, as well as other details about the conference.

Photo by Colgate University.

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Sarah Veale is a former journalist and current MA student of Greco-Roman religion at the University of Toronto. Her first peer-review article, "Orientalism in Iamblichus' The Mysteries," was recently published in The Pomegranate:The International Journal of Pagan Studies.
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