Per Faxneld’s Satanic Feminism: A New Approach to the Dissertation?

Satanic Feminism

Some of you may be familiar with scholar Per Faxneld. For those of you who don’t know his work, Faxneld researches the subject of Satanism, specifically the archetype of the female within Satanic currents. For example, his contribution to The Devil’s Party, looked at how negative feminine stereotypes were inverted by Stanislaw Przybyszewski, whose ambiguous portrayals of demonic women could be read as a reversal which imbued them with power rather than inferiority.

When a Satanist writes of woman as satanic, it logically has a rather special meaning and should in all likelihood be considered a form of praise. (Faxneld, 75)

Faxneld is getting ready to defend his dissertation, Satanic Feminism, at Stockholm University. Furthermore, he’s taking a wider approach to his defence. Faxneld has released a companion soundtrack which explores the themes in his dissertation through a merging of music and spoken word. The music is atmospheric veering towards the atonal, perhaps indicative of the disruptive nature of his topic, while the spoken word pieces are performed by a host of up-and-coming scholars, such as Manon Hedenborg-White, J. Christian Greer and Christian Guidice.

This is a really creative presentation of the dissertation, one which certainly challenges new scholars to consider the life of their work beyond the written page. It is great to see how this topic has been re-imagined into a totally different context, one which allows the audience to experience the milieu researched by Faxneld in an accessible and immediate way.


Faxneld, Per. “Witches, Anarchism, and Evolutionism: Stanislaw Przybyszewski’s fin-de-siecle Stanism and the Demonic Feminine” in The Devil’s Party: Satanism in Modernity. Oxford University Press. 2013.

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